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Bake and Bite - Chiang Mai, Thailand

Bake and Bite easily makes the list for the top places to get a mocha rorn (hot mocha) in Chiang Mai. Their extensive breakfast menu and its closeness to work is what originally attracted us to this quiet restaurant. It's tucked away in a secluded area away from traffic, east of the Mae Ping River. With plenty of outdoor seating wrapping around the restaurant, you can sit near their pet bunnies and enjoy the peaceful garden. Inside is full of random diner knick knacks that clash together in a horrible yet whimsical style. They have their own bakery as well, so if you don't mind spending a bit more money, you can take home some delicious bread or pastries. And if you're a John Denver or an Eagles fan, you won’t be disappointed. Without a doubt Take Me Home Country Roads and Hotel California are staples on their playlist. With incredible staff, food, and coffee it's no wonder why we make a weekly trip! Make sure to stop by their Facebook page, Bake and Bite!

Drink favorites: Hot mocha

Menu favorites: BLT on baguette, waffle with bacon bits

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