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Mueang Raming Food Coffee & Homemade Bakery - Chiang Mai, Thailand

Mueang Raming Food Coffee & Homemade Bakery is down Bumrung Rajd Road, just past Eco Resort and Phusiri Place Hotel. It can be a little hard to find if you’re not familiar with the area and one can easily pass by it, but once you discover it’s there you’ll be glad you found it. It’s a quiet, skinny restaurant on the east side of the Mae Ping River with wooden tables, soft plastic chairs, and brick walls draped in ivy. Albeit, the ivy is fake, but the aesthetic is pleasing. Outside, there’s a small patio with bar tables and stools allowing you to watch the traffic go by. While it isn’t a typical cafe and is more of a restaurant, we feel it is well worth reviewing since the coffee shouldn’t be passed up! It’s not a typical café we’ll review but the coffee shouldn’t be passed up. Not many foreigners walk through Mueang Raming’s doors, but more should because it truly is a gem of Chiang Mai. It’s a great place for families and all of the staff are incredibly friendly. The coffee is decent and very affordable compared to many cafés, costing around 35 THB (roughly $1). The food is also very good, the only complaint is that the serving size of the penang curry is a bit small for how delicious it tastes!

Drink Favorites: latte, tea, strawberry smoothie

Menu Favorites: Penang curry, Thai omelette

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