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StartUp Café by Team Zoon - Chiang Mai, Thailand

Trendy, comfortable, and inviting are just a few words that can describe StartUp Café by Team Zoon. It’s a place you’ll want to visit. Open twenty-four hours, it is a great spot to study, work, or relax while enjoying your favorite drink. It’s quickly becoming a favorite for us amongst Chiang Mai cafés. Twenty-four hour cafés are becoming a trend in Chiang Mai, but StartUp Café came to compete. Located in the heart of the Chiang Mai Business Park, east of the Mae Ping River, this coffee watering hole can boast being one of the best cafés in the area. Although the layout is similar to another café in the Business Park, StartUp has developed its’ own identity. So what sets StartUp apart from the other large coffee shops in the area? The coffee is good and fairly priced. Lattes are presented beautifully in good sized mugs. Excellent cakes are available from their pastry box. And if you’re craving a smoothie instead of your normal coffee order you won’t be let down. They have bar style seating, large tables for work parties, leather chairs and couches to relax in, a second floor loft, and a large meeting room for your business needs. So if you’re in the area, we urge you not to miss out on this incredible café.

Drink favorites: latté, iced mochá, smoothie (any flavor but we love the mango and mixed berry)

Menu favorites: chocolate cake, tiramisu, bananaoffee cake

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