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The Giant Chiangmai - Chiang Mai, Thailand

There’s one thing to be said about the Chiang Mai café experience, its ability to create. Coffee shops in Thailand are unique and they like to think outside of the box. And yes, while often many of the cafés here are cluttered with random knick knacks, there is always some form of originality. The experience at The Giant Chiangmai doesn’t start and end at this café which doubles as a guesthouse in a large tree. It’s so much more than that. It’s about the adventure of traveling to such a cool place. A place you’d dream about as a child.

It’s about an hour and a half northeast of Chiang Mai, with relatively flat roads, until you reach the windy hills full of switchbacks surrounded by green jungles. It’s a gorgeous drive and thrilling on a motorbike. You’re greeted by a tall thin wall, inviting you in to just be a kid. And no joke, this is a gigantic tree they’ve set up shop in. From the gates you can get to the café either by walking down a spiral staircase or crossing a suspension bridge. How cool is that?!

The food and coffee are good, maybe a bit overpriced but you’re spending it for the overall treehouse experience. They have delicious cakes, some wicked cool elephant ceramic mugs, and if you grow restless you can hop their zipline. This is definitely a place you should check out if you ever find yourself in the northwest region of Thailand. Because how many times will you get the chance to sip on your coffee in a treehouse?

Drink favorites: mocha hot & cold

Menu favorites: chocolate cake

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