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Honey Bear Bakery - Lake Forest Park, WA, USA

Coffee and books are a harmonious pair, which puts Honey Bear Bakery in the perfect location. Sitting in the Lake Forest Park Town Center, Honey Bear is across the aisle from Third Place Books, an expanding bookstore with three locations in the Greater Seattle area. A vibrant community spot, this bakery is in a shopping center full of restaurants, a Planet Fitness, a Haggen’s grocery store, and even a nearby Starbucks. There’s always an event going on at the Town Center, whether it’s jazz night, the Sunday Farmer’s market running from May to October, or authors giving book readings, such as Paul McCartney (that one time).

Honey Bear Bakery can proudly say they serve great coffee paired with wonderful sandwiches and an array of seductive dessert items. You can sit at one of their refurbished wood tables relaxing with your coffee and the books you just acquired from Third Place. It’s almost unfair for other cafés to go up against this bakery because of the great environment. And believe it or not, there was a time when the Lake Forest Park Town Center was a quiet place with not much to do, or so the eight year old me thought back in the 90’s. But I strongly believe that Honey Bear Bakery has helped make this town center into a great community hang out.

Drink favorites: latte, drip (house blend)

Menu favorites: chipotle chicken sandwich, double chocolate cake

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