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Boomelicious Café - Pai, Thailand

Traveling through the windy hills and valleys of northern Thailand? Then I’m sure Pai, Thailand is on your list of places to stop! And if it isn’t you really should reconsider your travel list. A sleepy town about a two hour bus ride north of Chiang Mai, Pai lives in the valley of the Mae Hong Son Province. It’s a quiet town and the perfect place to relax. This town offers plenty of things to do but the highlight of our trip was certainly adventuring through the Pai Canyon!

Although it may be difficult to find pie in Pai, it’s really not hard to find great coffee. Boomelicious stood out to us because it came highly rated on all of the travel sites and we quickly found out why. Hip, funky, colorful chandeliers; a beautiful stone bar; bench seating; and an outdoor patio gives it a very cool vibe. They have great shakes and hearty breakfast options that will make you wish you had more room in your stomach. And of course we wouldn’t be telling you about this place if the coffee wasn’t good. A beautiful rich mocha completed this wonderful breakfast experience. To simply put it, Boomelicious is boomelicious.

Drink favorites: mocha, banana espresso shake

Menu favorites: Eggs for Brekkie, Big Hangover Brekkie

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