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November/December Feature

Beautiful mountain landscapes, handmade designs, and an aptitude in creating a story from reclaimed wood, Nick Terrel is an incredible artist from the Pacific Northwest and our November/December feature! A Washington State native and founder of Nick Terrel Handcrafted Woodworking, Nick has been working with his hands ever since he could walk. Earning a Bachelors Degree in Art from Central Washington University, he studied wood design, sculpture, and photography. Nick's talents have allowed him to hone his skills creating a unique northwest style. He uses reclaimed materials enabling him to tell an enriching story. We can’t tell you how excited we are to have Nick join us as our feature! So you should all check out his site Nick Terrel Handcrafted Woodworking

Tell us a bit about yourself!

I take reclaimed wood from century old homes, buildings, and barns throughout the Pacific Northwest to make furniture and home décor handcrafted in Olympia, WA.

When did you first get into woodworking?

My woodworking education started in grade school when I began learning from my grandfather who helped me build my first toy car. Throughout junior high and high school, I worked for my fathers remodeling and construction company every summer where I learned the tools of the trade. I continued my passion of design and building and earned a Bachelors Degree in Art from Central Washington University where I studied wood design, sculpture and photography.

Where do you get your inspiration from?

Most of my inspiration comes from nature and the beautiful ever-changing landscape here in Washington State. Also from the men before me who taught me everything I know about wood and the enriched story it can tell.

Where do you get your materials from?

Anywhere that holds a story and isn’t bought new from the lumber yard. Most of my material comes from century old homes, buildings, and barns throughout the Pacific Northwest.

Are you currently working on anything at the moment?

I am currently finishing up a few nesting tables for a clothing store in Ballard called Tides & Pines. I was given an amazing opportunity to outfit the new store with shop signs, tables, shelving and wall hangings.

You have some incredible pieces, do you have any favorites?

One of my favorite pieces I have made so far was an 11 foot conference table featuring my signature mountain scape design. Made out of wood rescued from a home on Capitol Hill in Seattle built in 1924.

Your photos look amazing, where do you like to travel to when you’re not working in your shop?

When I am not in my shop, I love to get outside with my fiancé and our dogs and just get away in to the forest or mountains. Anywhere away from the city and people to refresh our minds.

Are you a big coffee drinker and if so what’s your favorite?

Definitely! My daily cup of coffee consists of Kirkland Signature House blend, medium roast with a splash of vanilla creamer.

Where is your favorite place to drink coffee?

The mountains!

Your dogs seem to enjoy going into the shop with you, do they help out?

They definitely help by keeping company since I work by myself all day. But they do love digging through my wood scrap pile and fight over whose piece it is.

Anything else we missed?

Can’t think of anything, great questions man and thanks again!

Thank you Nick, and don't forget to check him out on Instagram and Facebook too!

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