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Wandering Coffee Addict

    Do you love coffee? Are you a traveler? Did you just hop off an overnight train and need an extra kick until you find your next sleeping arrangement? Maybe you are looking for a place to have that next business meeting. Or you are desperately searching for somewhere to take out the girl you've been pining over. Are you a writer, a reader, or a dreamer? If any of these describe your current state, then this is the place for you! We are travelers and coffee lovers. We are not sophisticated coffee snobs that will be using long winded adjectives making for arduous reading. If that is what you are after, go back to Google and try again. But we do love to see the world and we know a good price and a decent cup of coffee when we see it! So let us take you around the world and show you some of the best coffee shops we have found! 

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