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Cherry Street Public House - Seattle, USA

Located in the heart of downtown Seattle, Cherry Street Public House, a concept of Cherry Street Coffee House is a beacon for coffee fanatics in the Emerald City. At the helm of the Public House is Laila Ghambari, the former 2014 U.S. National Barista Champ and daughter of Ali Ghambari (the founder of Cherry Street), has grown this bistro into a premier destination to visit in the U.S. coffee capital. The Public House encompasses a warm environment in its narrow space with ample seating indoors or outside and trendy light fixtures sparkle throughout the room. It's fine dining and beautiful latte art. Serving mouthwatering Parisian dishes and slinging coffee drinks in trendy glasses with the Cherry Street's iconic logo, this coffeehouse is holding its own, making a big splash in the Seattle coffee scene. It's the perfect spot for a coffee date on a warm sunny evening, with sweeping views of Occidental Ave in Pioneer Square, delicious seasonal food (try the B.L.T) and they even serve beer and wine if you desire something a little stronger.

Drink favorites: Mocha

Menu favorites: B.L.T.

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