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Anchorhead Coffee Co - Seattle, USA


The enormous six letters in white bold might as well spell out COFFEE HEAVEN and the long ramp leading to the bright sign is a ramp for coffee fanatics seeking shelter. So climb aboard this insanely awesome coffee shop.

The trendy coffee shop located on the first floor of the CenturyLink Plaza (1600 7th Ave & Olive Way) in downtown Seattle is making waves. The Duvall (a town north of Seattle) based coffee roaster, Anchorhead Coffee Co, opened its first cafe at the downtown location in September of 2016. Quickly rising as one of THE places to visit in an evolving downtown landscape, Anchorhead provides a creative space with dark wood in resemblance of a giant ship. It's tucked in the corner of a large office building - home to the likes of Nordstrom, the popular department store company, and telecommunications giant Century Link. Anchorhead has made its stamp on Seattle.

With its hip but cozy interior, it's a desired place to have meetings or for lounging - i.e. sitting on comfortable leather swivel chairs sipping on their fair trade coffee (from Ethiopia to Indonesia) in forms of espresso to their bottled cold brew. They've even teamed up with Two Beers Brewing to create a cold brew coffee brown ale. Ask them what single origin coffees they're offering for the day and of course snack on a delicious pastry because why not - live a little.

Drink Favorites: Pour Over / Single Origin Espresso

Menu Favorites: Bacon Breakfast Sandwich

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