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Life Coffee - Chiang Mai, Thailand

Hidden in the Chiang Mai Business Park, Life Coffee is about the size of your average kitchen. It’s just big enough to squeeze in a few tables, chairs, and colorful pillows, but that’s all it needs. It’s quiet and a wonderful place to relax surrounded by the cool decorative window art. They have great coffee and gorgeous latte art all for an incredible price. It’s a small café that caters to its’ community. The Chiang Mai Business Park is an upcoming neighborhood and is quickly growing in size. In addition to the Big C Extra Shopping Center, Khum Phaya Resort & Spa, and Wachirawit Secondary School, this neighborhood is being shaped with new condos, offices, cafés, restaurants, and bars. It’s an exciting time and Life Coffee is in the middle of it all. And although the Business Park stays busy, Life Coffee still maintains its relaxing atmosphere, making it such a neat experience. It’s the perfect place for a wandering coffee addict.

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